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Electrical / Automation

NRE Power Systems stocks many NEMA Type 12 enclosures with locking door fronts and removable gland plates for cable entry, or optional NEMA type 13 enclosures with an added glass viewing door. These enclosures house the quality components we use to build our standard 30,40,60 point Ship's alarm panels as well as our customized multi-point systems designed to fit your specific needs. Be it 2 or 200 I/O, our PLC based ship's alarm panels meet ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) & USCG(United States Coast Guard) standards. All parts are stocked in house or can be purchased world-wide.
EMDŽ Control Panel Upgrade

Bring your EMD® Control panels into this decade. This technology gives you the ability to see parameters and prevent problems as opposed to responding to them.
Remote Control Components
Our remote automated systems give engineers and captains complete viewing or control of selected menu. Any parameter the operator needs to monitor or control can be included on a menu item.


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